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Marievonne continues


So the dress has been dyed bright blue. The sunburns are gone and it now has a bit of a tropical feeling to it. I'm not sure what to think yet. The buttons got the same colour, which I was going for. You can still see the flower pattern. I'm just wondering if the white (now headache blue) bias was such a good idea. It now needs lots of ironing to get back into shape.

After ironing it, I see the bias didn't survive the long in the water time. Even though I always preshrink my fabrics before I even use them, the vintage cotton and the new cotton lining shifted in shape. I'm not that happy about the outcome and I'm going to hang the #1 dress on my door, to maybe fix it another time, due to the time-table I have before 7Gates.


The black and blue dress is also encountering some issues. The self made pattern of the corset was great around the chest this time, but not around the waste. So what I made is in the 'finish when you have time' section. I still have a black underbust ribbon corset I could use, if I don't get around making a new corset.

Now since I'm all into clearing out fabrics from the workshop with the Marievonne dresses, I seem to have a talent on picking the most impossible fabrics these weeks. The shiny black and blue fabric is nice and soft... and not cooperating one bit! I'm trying to make a short chemise from it, but the darn thing kept slipping away. It's all sewn together now and I'm waiting for some ribbons to tie it all together.


The last dress was already half finished. It was supposed to be the Wedding dress  which I redesigned at the last moment due to blue velvet shortage. It's a red 'raw satin' basic skirt and top. The reason why I didn't start off with this one, because I thought the whole design wasn't flowery enough. Having all these issues with the flowery fabrics in my other dresses, I think I'll test my luck on this one :).

I'ts a bit of a travelers dress. Red is Marievonne's colour (coat of arms, hair) and yet she is a girly girl, her family is a practical one. The whole dress can be worn for other things and the overdress can be used with other skirts. Just like the first and second dress, they are a bit transformable. Just match them around to make a whole new look. When I'm selling these dresses, you can buy them in parts, so you can just get whatever you like and leave what you don't.

7Gates 3.0 Dress #1 and #2

Finished up the blue and white dress, still need to figure out what colour I'm going to paint it. And if I'll wear a corset under it. I fitted it without a corset and it's good without one.I was going for a not too flashy dress. Having the jacket part on really put an accent on the bum and hips, which I didn't really expect. It looks a bit floppy on the dolly, so as soon as there is a real life picture, I will show you.

The buttons are something I had laying around. They have a nice vintage look (and probably are) and I'm curious about what they will look like after the dye.

Now the second dress is up. The black basic skirt and busk and boneless corset (still no supplies) are done. Now I still have some shiny blue and black flowered fabric. It's going to look like a very heavy dress for a spring event, but a bit of drama is never bad ;).

Now I'm still thinking about the shape. I think I'm going shoulderless on this one.

7Gates 3.0 Dress #1

At the moment I'm making 3 different dresses at once for just one character of 7Gates: Marievonne. She is a sweet yet spoiled little girl who has got everything she wants and want even more. I played her before on the 7Gates wedding event in this dress, which is currently up for sale on Etsy. All dresses of Marievonne will be up for sale eventually, since she has a new dress every day (I know I'm going to be sorry for this).

7Gates has a 17th/18th century theme. That is actually a lot of styles you can pick from. The only thing I need to keep in mind is to be after Elizabeth and before Victoria, and you'll grab towards Tudor or Victorian pretty easily.

I like making dresses like this in pieces. Making the top and skirt separate improves your own movement and comfort. This first dress has an off-white cotton skirt, a blue and white overskirt and a blue and white jacket. I'm still waiting on bones from my supplier, but I'm going to try and make an off white overbust corset with it. I made a black one on a new made pattern and want to see how that fits before I cut out another one.

The blue/white cotton with the floral pattern is vintage. I really like it, but it has a few sunburns in it. I was thinking to dye it all when I am done. It would take care of the sunburns and make it a bit more rich. I just don't know which colour would be better. Petrol, old grey, or go crazy with a bright blue or green?

Maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere?



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poes kwijt :(

Lucky is vermist sinds donderdagavond 16 augustus. Hij woont sinds kort in Assendelft. Hij is zwart met een wit kinnetje, een witte streep over zijn buik, witte achterpoten, zijn voorpoten hebben witte teentjes en hij is 8 jaar oud. Hij droeg die donderdag nog een geel bandje met een belletje. Lucky is erg nieuwsgierig, en we vonden hem regelmatig bij de buren op zolder of in de kast. Hij miauwt heel erg zeurderig.

Lucky moet echt weer terug naar huis, want hij is heel erg ziek! Hij heeft het aan zijn hart en begint te hoesten als hij zijn medicijnen niet krijgt.

Al bijna 3 weken weg dus, hij is al eens vaker 1 week weg geweest. Als hij terug naar zijn oude huis is gewandeld, dan kan hij in de buurt van Zaandam, Alkmaar, Purmerend of Hoorn zitten. Oftewel: West Friesland.

We missen onze kleine praatjesmaker heel erg…

Lucky gezien?
Mail naar chemical_lizard(apestaart)hotmail.com
of meld het bij www.amivedi.nl

Community in my name

It sounds rather arrogant, but I made a community about me. voltar already spotted it. There is nothing arrogant about it, I'm just too lazy to log in and out of lj-accounts. With a community I can just stay logged in.

Why did I do it?
I know that some of you don't give a shit about my personal live and test results. You just want to see piccies. Well, you can see piccies over there. It's an open community, so I'm not forcing anyone to become a member. I will still be throwing rants in this friends only journal.


in my name and by the powers invested in me I summon



soon to be friends only....

the stuff you find

cleaning up old boxes seems to be my daily do...

Things you find:
- old microwave
- your brothers student-package
- old toys for rats
- more clothes [jesus, I can start a shop now]
- more sewable cloths

and, which surprised me a lil, a stone snow faerie [remember her patrick?]. She got a nice place next to the babypegasus and icedragon.

when I was living in Hoorn, where did I keep all this stuff?

battle of the msn-messengers

msn7.0 starts
new update available
msn6.0 downloading [wtf!?]
msn6.0 starting up
msn7.0 signing out
you are already signed in on another computer [?]

running other updates

msn7.0 & 6.0 are fighting for a spot on the computer
msn7.0 wins


Apr. 27th, 2005

messenger is back...

cleaned up the list while I was at it...

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